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Tylor Garland
Founder & CEO
After graduation from the Los Angeles Art Center College of Design in 1994, Tylor joined Fitch Inc., an international, multi-disciplinary design firm. Moving up the ranks quickly, he was soon courted by California-based hot shop Frog Design, where he became Managing Director of Product Development & Engineering from 1998-2001. In this role, Tylor led projects for multiple Fortune 500 companies such as JBL, IBM, HP, Apple, Sunbeam, and Ford. Through his collective experience, Tylor has developed a deeply integrated methodology to developing products and brands that translates effortlessly in boardrooms as it does in creative war rooms. This philosophy, he now shares as Art Center faculty and guest lecturer for organizations such as CCA, Mattel, and Harvard Business School. With over 500 products launched and over a billion dollars in retail sales later, Boombang's development partners include Disney, ConAgra, Logitech, Church & Dwight, Target, and Newell Rubbermaid. Along the way, Tylor's work has been featured in GQ, Wired, and Fortune Magazine, on display at San Francisco's MoMA and the Whitney, and the recipient of prestigious awards, including recognition from IDSA and Red Dot.
Sandra Mrzlak
Finance & Operations
From an early age, Sandra has been working towards understanding the internal operations of how businesses are run. Born and raised in West Germany, she quickly acquired an apprenticeship as an industrial clerk before studying Business and Administration in Gelsenkirchen. Since then, Sandra has accumulated experience in Financial Management, Business Strategy, and Project Management over a span of 20 years. Prior to moving to the States, she worked for international Construction and Civil Engineering Firms in Germany, Spain, France, Netherland, and Switzerland. It wasn't long after Sandra moved State-side in 2019, did she find work on the outskirts of Los Angeles at private villas SkyHouse and ArtLoft, where she co-managed and project managed the resort locations, respectively. Today, Sandra's passion for Art and Design has led her to Boombang, where she has taken on multiple administrative roles such as Executive Assistant, Finance Manager, and Studio Manager.
Jon Axelrod
Business Strategy
Jonathan is a veteran technology and media entrepreneur and investor known for his pioneering start-ups (Music123, Music Gremlin & Genius TV) that have leveraged his strategic acumen into award-winning innovations and shareholder value. Committed to entrepreneurial accelerators and incubators in venture capital, Jonathan founded ER Accelerator in 2011. Jonathan received his A.B. from Harvard University in Social Studies and has served as a principal co-founder and co-inventor in various areas of the medical field and serves on the Board of Overseers of Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City.
Dave Brown
David Brown is the inventor of The Armstar. Before ArmStar, Brown worked as a freelance videographer and recognized early in his career that the future of film making was going to be digital. He became a founding partner of E-3 Media with two other partners and created a High Definition (HD) digital film production house five years ahead of the Hollywood transformation. E-3 Media continues to appeal to and profit from cutting-edge filmmaking. In 1999 Brown began working for actor Kevin Costner as a personal videographer. Brown continues to work for Costner on behind-the-scenes video journals, personal projects, as well as covering performances of Costner’s band, Kevin Costner and the Modern West. Brown is passionate about his work in the film industry and enjoys the benefits of many specialty skills he’s mastered.
Matthew Paprocki
Brand Strategy
Matthew develops premium consumer brands in the electronics, sport, CPG, and health & beauty categories. He received his formal training in mechanical engineering, industrial design, and business while attending The Ohio State University. As the co-pioneer of a methodology focused on harnessing creative insights, he innovated the brands, product designs, user interfaces, and web designs of leading companies including Dell, Microsoft Mobile, Smart Car, Memorex, Disney, and QuickSilver, as well as the launch of Soundfreaq.
Louis Dienes
IP & Legal
Louis provides knowledge and legal counsel in intellectual property, equity and debt finance, business operations, and technology licensing. He is recognized as a Los Angeles Magazine “SuperLawyer,” specializing in mergers and acquisitions.
Naia Simon
Research & Strategy
Naia is a design researcher and strategist. Since graduating from ArtCenter College of Design with a BS in Product Design, she's developed skills working with organizations to develop scalable and sustainable strategies for growth. Before joining the Boombang team full-time, she worked with the Coaniquem foundation to create a nationwide system of receiving and processing clothing donations for Chile’s first thrift fashion chain. At Boombang, she brings her unique approach to generative consumer research, insight synthesis and decksmithing to many of our client and venture projects.
Helen Xie
Sourcing & Supply Chain
Located just outside of Hong Kong, China, Helen handles offshore supply chain management, QA & QC. With relationships across virtually all industries and manufacturing practices, she's capable of delivering the most competitive quotes and actively contributes to the vetting phases of sourcing and development.
Mark Capper
Consumer Research
Dedicated to creating breakthrough products and brands with emotional saying power, Mark’s unique approach to research uncovers consumer attitudes and subconscious beliefs for the express purpose of integrating impartial findings with creative, design-led thinking. Mark has over 20 years of experience with Fortune 100 companies, including Johnson & Johnson, PepsiCo, Kraft, Nestle, Cars.com, BMW, Hyundai, Kia, and Agilent Technologies. Mark holds an MBA from USC’s Marshall School of Business and an M.S. in Engineering from the University of Michigan.
Harold Tan
Digital & SEO
Among his many diverse offerings, Harold brings web marketing and eCommerce expertise to Boombang by focusing on SEO, PPC, traffic/lead generation, and conversion optimization. With his exceptional foresight into online trends and his grasp of trade secrets, Harold helps businesses achieve new levels of profitability. His passion for contributing to humanity drives his current projects, which include working to bring first-world technology to third-world countries.
Mark Cohen
Medical Ventures
Mark’s extensive background in engineering and neuroscience contributes to his critical role in the development of SMRT Image, a Boombang Venture. He provides the project with a better understanding of brain dynamics and distributed processing. As the creator and director of the UCLA-Semel NeuroImaging Training Program, Mark impassions graduate and post-graduate students with an integrative understanding of the role of imaging in neuroscience. Mark holds numerous honors and appointments and is regularly on committees and panels in his area of expertise with equal parts engineering and neuroscience.
Adam Bazih
Medical Strategy
As an entrepreneur dedicated to medical innovations, Adam is armed with nearly a decade of clinical work, research, and business experience in healthcare and imaging, in which he holds multiple medical device and imaging patents. He maintains active roles as a member of the Tech Coast Angels and is an advisor on multiple healthcare startup boards. Adam’s degrees include Stanford University Graduate School of Business, University of California.
Alex Korb
Medical Ventures
Alex Korb Ph.D. is a neuroscientist, writer, and coach. He has studied the brain for over 20 years and is the bestselling author of The Upward Spiral: Using Neuroscience to Reverse the Course of Depression, One Small Change at a Time. He earned his undergraduate degree in neuroscience at Brown University and then later completed a Ph.D. in neuroscience at UCLA. He has published over a dozen peer-reviewed journal articles on depression, neuromodulation, and other topics. He is currently an adjunct assistant professor at UCLA in the psychiatry and biobehavioral sciences department, the vice-president of research and development for BrainSonix, and a Boombang consultant.
Cameron Rodriguez
Medical Ventures
Cameron serves as one of the developers of the original SMRT Image prototype and is currently working on improving EEG and MRI integration. He has a multidisciplinary background, which includes researching radio astronomy at the Arecibo Radio Telescope in Puerto Rico and developmental neurobiology and human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs). His work has led to the development of several commercial products. As a Ph.D. candidate in biomedical engineering at UCLA, he serves as the Head of Technical Development at the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience.
Jennifer Bramen
Medical Ventures
Jennifer Bramen, Ph.D., is a neuroscientist, researcher, and brain-based coach and holds her Ph.D. in Neuroscience from UCLA. She is currently the Senior Program Manager of Clinical Research at the Pacific Brain Health Center at Pacific Neuroscience Institute located at Providence Saint John’s Health Center. She is passionate about translating innovative research into active clinical practice.
Justin Smith
Creative Development
Justin Evergreen is a highly accomplished and sought after digital marketing leader. Over the past 15 years, Justin has led digital marketing efforts for top brands including Audi, Coca-Cola, Converse, Snickers, Sony, Unilever, Vitaminwater, Walmart and Zeiss. Justin has created high-growth digital marketing programs for startups including Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s 22 Days Nutrition, Brammo, Fair.com, Groupon, Uber and many others in a variety of categories. Justin’s digital marketing work has been featured in the New York Times on 7 different occasions for 7 different brands. His work has won every major international award for digital marketing and has been written about in Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Business Week, CNN and Huffington Post.
Alicia Benz
Art Director
Alicia has over 15 years of experience in marketing as a Brand Strategist and Art Director. During her time at Elevate, she helped large consumer brands create and launch highly scalable customer acquisition, content systems and conversion funnels. Her digital marketing efforts have been featured in the New York Times, Forbes, Wall Street Journal and many other top publications. Now, as the CEO and co-founder of Apparel Ad Cloud, she works to assist apparel start-ups excel through targeted advertisements and marketing.
Saam Gabbay
Creative Development
Spanning visual storytelling mediums, including motion graphics and photography, Saam’s innovation resides in his command of a vast creative vocabulary coupled with his innate ear for music composition and production. By getting the most out of in-the-moment dialogue and improvisation, Saam can capture otherwise unnoticed truths in a project. Among the notable are Apple, Shell, Toyota, Acura, Infiniti, Playstation, Ford, and Coke. His fine art collaborations have been exhibited at the Whitney, MoCA, and the Tate Modern and in galleries and museums worldwide.
Matt Cacciola
Art Director
Matthew is a multi-disciplinary design powerhouse with a unique eye for smart, innovative design solutions and a passion for entrepreneurial ventures. As a creative director and consultant, he has worked with some of the most distinguished brands globally on a range of high-profile projects, including Apple Music with Media Arts Lab.
Aaron Kenedi
Aaron is a writer and editor with more than 25 years of experience working across platforms for some of the world's most notable people and brands. As the editor of award-winning magazines and bestselling books, Aaron has helped notable figures and groups, including Oprah Winfrey, Google, ESPN, and UNICEF, shape clear and compelling messaging. With a passion for storytelling in all its many forms, Aaron's able to provide a unique perspective on a complex idea, form a smart strategy for its positioning, and deliver winning copy for a diverse set of categories.
Felipe Bascope
As a seasoned advertising veteran, Felipe cut his chops in LA's lucrative and ever-changing automotive market. (We think he's pretty much worked on every car account in this city) But he's also worked for agencies nationwide as well as Mexico, Tokyo, and London. Automotive aside, he's also created work and brand voices for big brands, small brands, Fortune 100 and 500 brands, global brands, "We need VC capital brands," and brands that need a voice. Or something uniquely own-able. Ideally, he'd prefer to work on brands that put a smile on a consumer's face by giving back to the world. His work has been noted at Cannes, the One Show, Communication Arts, D&AD, the London Festivals, and more. He has curated two museum exhibits, including "Orange Peel," an archival retrospect on the history of surfing in Orange County and its place in pop culture. He has been teaching Advanced Copy and Content Creation at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena for close to 20 years.
Jennifer Parke
Marketing & Communications
Jennifer helps transform companies to promote their higher purpose: closing the gap between the way the world is now and the way it could be. With 20 years of experience founding and scaling businesses through the power of brand awareness, she brings an entrepreneurial and creative spirit to companies looking to establish themselves as household names. Her path has led her to work with incredible individuals, doing what she loves - growing mission-driven companies through nimble, evidence-based strategy and brands that evolve with the world around them.
Andrew Castro
Product Development
Andrew attended Art Center College of Design, intending to focus his passions on both design and engineering. By integrating design ideation, user-centered research, engineering acumen, and manufacturing know-how, Andrew is able to uncover insights and apply them strategically. As part of the next generation of industrial designers, Andrew places emphasis on creating and bringing products to market that have positive impacts on society and everyday lives.
Mike Latham
Product Development
After growing up just outside of our nation's capital, Mike made his way to the University of Cincinnati's world-renowned College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP). As a result of Cincinnati's co-op program, he graduated with a 4-year Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Design and nearly two years of work experience in the field. Today, his main focus is bringing ideas to life, from sketch to CAD modeling. He's worked in industries like audio and consumer electronics, sports and safety, and technology. Although his bread and butter is Product Development, he's also dabbled in Web Development, Marketing & Sales, and Client Management.
PK Krainichakul
Product Development
PK received his first product design degree in Thailand, his home country, within an education system vastly different from what we know here in the States that provided limited access to resources and technology. To support his ideas, PK became a resourceful designer and adapted his process to create designs from any available materials. As his skills refined, this approach to design shaped and formed PK’s philosophy. He believes that authenticity in products, designs, or even brands should come from the tools, materials, and people and ultimately reflect native environments. Products should take the inspiration of their surroundings and the energy and spirit from the people who create them. PK is a graduate from Art Center College of Art + Design with a B.S. in Product Design.
Andres Zavala
Environmental Design
Andres is an Environmental Designer whose work is frequently described as an exploration of material and color; Andres specializes in custom curated environments that offer a uniquely emotional experience. After graduating with a BS in Environmental Design and a Minor in Design Maters from Art Center College of Design, he’s built up a portfolio of striking Architectural Design and Design Builds.
Shane Baxley
Concept Development
Shane has mastered the ability to translate his degree in Transportation Design from Art Center's College of Art & Design into any field he desires. He combines fast-and-furious ideas with market forecasting to create maximum design potency. Shane's vivid concept designs have informed numerous national brands, avant-garde upstarts, and indie outliers, always bringing a fresh visual vocabulary and hard-hitting results.
Aldis Rauda
Product Development
Aldis is a virtuosic industrial designer specializing in visual art direction, entrepreneurship, and marketing strategies. With over 90 products and 20 product patents under his belt, Aldis’s consummate designs have been published in I.D., Wired, and Time Magazine. He has received awards from Red Dot, Good Design, and I.D.
Geoffrey Thompson
Product Development
Geoffrey is an experienced Managing Director / EVP with strong P&L, Sales, Marketing, and Operations. His experience ranges from Health and Beauty, Luxury Goods, Certified Organics, to Fashion Apparel and Footwear. Geoffrey has experience in Brand Licensing, Manufacturing, Business Development, Consulting, and M&A. He brings his global experience in new business development, sales growth, trademark licensing, risk analysis, and governance to the Boombang team.
Kuba Waligorski
Product Engineering
Kuba is a product development engineer and project manager with a knack for problem-solving. He's developed a robust technical background from at UC San Diego, where he studied Mechanical Engineering. A former college athlete and a recipient of the NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship, Kuba continued his education at USC, obtaining an M.S. in Product Development Engineering. He joined Boombang upon graduation. His previous experience includes working for Reeplayer, a start-up creating an AI-powered camera dedicated to recording team sports autonomously.
Brandon Doo
Product Engineering
Brandon is an industrial designer from Los Angeles, CA. Prior to joining Boombang, he graduated from California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo in Biomedical Engineering and continued his studies at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA. His past experiences were heavily involved in the medical device industry as well as developing world technologies with a focus in global health.
Ryan Cohn
Mechanical Engineering
As a creator and problem-solver in the product design world, Ryan has designed, engineered, and developed numerous ground-breaking consumer and medical products. Ryan was educated as a mechanical engineer at Cal Poly Pomona and a designer at Art Center College of Design. A lifelong builder and crafter, Ryan later applied these skills in the digital world as a CAD specialist. His professional experience has entailed countless hours at foreign manufacturers, arming him with a keen ability to traverse the gap between concept and mass-produced reality.
George Clark
Mechanical Engineering
George is a mechanical engineer with six years of experience as vice president of Fitch Inc., ten years of direct industry experience, and a stint designing, analyzing, and testing satellites. For the past 12 years, George has been the owner of The Mercury Group, LLC engaging in product development consulting. He has an impressive 27 U.S. and many worldwide patents with his name on them.
Opportunity Mapping

Insight-Driven Innovation

Boombang uses a combination of research methodologies to gain a multi-dimensional perspective on your business, brand, and customer. Our discovery phase forms the strategic foundation from which we can begin to synthesize a point of view on not only what's possible but what's commercially and operationally viable. Our team then brings a diverse set of creative minds and data-driven business acumen to uncover innovation territories through four distinct lenses. This approach allows us to identify relevant technologies, inform new product solutions, and transform markets with bold ideas.

Strategic Framing

Concentric Design Development

Once we have identified our innovation territories, we can effectively frame a design and commercialization strategy unique to your organization. We begin with a deep human-centered understanding of emotional and rational need states that can translate into tangible new product and service solutions. Simultaneously, we generate integrated communications strategies and economic models to help establish your return on investment. This concentric strategic design process allows us to concept test the full vision of our thinking at multiple stages of development from concept through launch.


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Mergers & Acquisitions

Full Client List

AKG  +
Amp'd Mobile Inc.
Arm & Hammer
Armstar  +
Avery Dennison
Bass Pro Shops
Bath and Body Works  +
Bud Light
City of Beverly Hills  +
Disney  +
Fellowes  +
G Project
Genius TV
Harman  +
Hilo Hattie
Infinity  +
InnoVero  +
Ivy Hill
JBL  +
Kaloud  +
Kingdom for All  +
Legacy Brands
Live Earth
Love Culture
MLB  +
MusicGremlin, Inc.
New Era Cap
Newell Rubbermaid  +
Nickelodeon  +
Outside Labs
Paul Mitchell
Perfect Fitness  +
Regeneca International, Inc.
SaddleCo  +
Satori Brands
Skullcandy  +
SMRT Image  +
Somnos  +
Soundfreaq  +
Stelle Audio / MAC
Storyville Coffee Company
Tribogenics  +
Trojan  +
Ultimate Ears
Under Armour  +
Wilbur Curtis
Zac Brown Collective
Zero Haliburton
Zygo  +

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