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Kids to the Nth Power

Create a suite of new products to launch Nickelodeon's portable electronics division
A suite of FUNctional kid-friendly products—including digital cameras, multimedia, and MP3 players, boomboxes, alarm clocks, and more—based on Nick characters
A successful launch of a new category for Nick and a major presence in the $1.2 billion global kids electronics market
Innovate ideas around expanding and reinvigorating Nickelodeon's portable electronics division.
A suite of new unique, kid-friendly products—including digital cameras, multimedia and MP3 players, boomboxes, alarm clocks and more—based on Nick characters.
A successful launch of a completely new category for Nick and a major presence in the $1.2 billion global kids electronics market.
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Next-Gen Fun

Kids rule. That's not just some saying at Nickelodeon, it’s the company’s core philosophy. And with wildly popular characters and properties, including SpongeBob, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, and I, Carly, "Nick" has become the number-one entertainment brand for kids in the world, producing television shows, games, toys, and apps.

But with such a restless and curious audience, Nickelodeon understands they always need to keep evolving to stay at least one step ahead in their mission of helping kids learn, explore, and have fun.

So when Boombang approached Nick with innovative ideas around expanding and reinvigorating their portable electronics division, they were excited to listen. And soon, we found ourselves working together to create a line of affordable audio and video products that could compete in the $570 million youth electronics market.

By the Numbers






Estimated Amount Spent on Youth Electronics in the U.S. during 2019

On Your Marks. Get Set. Go.

To get started, we asked ourselves: What kinds of inventive tools would kids create for themselves if they could? After considerable research, brainstorming, focus groups, and lots and lots of serious play, we decided the answer was a suite of technologically innovative, brand relevant, character-driven higher-end electronic devices, all packaged to reflect one or more Nick properties.

In total, we created 20 new products with Nick, including digital cameras, multimedia, and MP3 players, boomboxes, alarm clocks, video recorders, and photo frames—all possessing our unique solutions for intuitive user interface and rugged, kid-durable casings.

These fun new tools allow kids to explore and express their creativity in bold and imaginative ways. They celebrate the artist in all kids and offer them exposure to real-life experience in promising creative industries, like filmmaking, music, design, art, photography, and more.


Parent Tested. Kid Approved

Fresh off of partnering with Disney to create a new line of children's appliances, we were steeped in the world of designing for kids and saw great untapped potential in Nick's high gloss, low-tech electronics division. But whereas with Disney, the challenge was about creating magical moments between parents and children, with Nick, the charge was more about celebrating the creativity and nonconformity of kids and encouraging their individual growth.


And the Oscar Goes to...

The successful launch of this line essentially created a whole new category for Nick. The result of which was them dominating the $1.2 billion global kids electronics market and firmly establishing themselves as a major player in the field.

You never know where the next Oscar-winning filmmaker or Grammy-winning musician will get their inspiration, but now, equipped with one or more of Boombang's portable electronics, a safe bet would be from Nickelodeon.