LOOK: What the new protective headgear for pitchers might look like

According to ESPN's Outside The Lines, 20 major-league pitchers are expected to try out a new protective headgear design that's been approved by MLB and the MLBPA. Via @OTLonESPN, here's a first look at the Boombang design ...

As you can see, it's part batting helmet, part tennis visor that also provides ear protection depending on the handedness of the pitcher. By way of reminder, here's the old isoBLOX prototype, as modeled by Alex Torres ...

As was the case with previous iterations, the trick is going to be to provide pitchers with something that's protective yet comfortable and seamless enough to not distract them on the mound. And, yes, appearances probably matter to some pitchers, which was very likely an obstacle to widespread adoption of the isoBLOX model. Maybe this Boombang version is a step forward on those fronts. At the very least, its batting-helmet look will ring of the familiar.

Again, the Outside The Lines piece has the details on the new model and how it differs from the one Torres wore. The isoBLOX model, however, will remain available for use by major-league pitchers.

By: Dayn Perry
February 12, 2016
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