The Gradual Implementation of Protective Helmets for Pitchers

Being a big league hurler is one dangerous gig.

With line-drive comebackers looming as an ever-present danger, MLB and the MLB Players Association continues to search for the best gear to protect their pitchers.

The latest option is a hat designed by Boombang, which looks "more [like a] visor than [a] helmet, per Bill Brink of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Pittsburgh Pirates closer Mark Melancon gave the headgear a thumbs up when he tested it out at the beginning of spring training.

“I was really impressed with the feel of it,” Melancon told Brink. “Proportionately, it’s very evenly distributed. It felt like a regular hat.

However, as Melancon admitted, the styling remains a real impediment to its widespread adoption: “Just because the looks, I mean, being frank, it might not be something that I wear during the season."

By: Karl Buscheck
April 22, 2016
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