As reported by ESPN, Major League Baseball has released a new version of pitcher head protection to debut during Spring Training 2016. Working on behalf of MLB and MLB Players Association, Boombang engineered and constructed the new "hybrid of a cap and a helmet," dubbed the "Half Cap."

Collaborating to Improve Pitcher Head Protection

Baseball is a game of statistics, and although the odds of a pitcher being hit in the head by a line-drive are exceptionally rare — about once every 300,000 pitches —MLB was intent on providing a solution to protect their pitchers, while maintaining the integrity of our National Pastime. While searching for an innovative solution for a low-profile, lightweight cap to protect against line drives, MLB turned to Boombang.

Big League Protection

To address this unique challenge, Boombang dug into the materials science, working with international polymer and composite experts for guidance. The design criterion didn’t just include making a product that could ward off most line drives, the new protective caps had to be comfortable, protective, light, and attractive so that pitchers would voluntarily choose to wear them.After several iterations and significant testing, we arrived at the optimal solution: an aggressively-styled carbon fiber composite shell lined with an advanced energy-absorbing impact layer, a conforming foam liner, and a breathable moisture-wicking cover.The new "Half Cap" is further proof that MLB and the MLB Players Association are committed to player safety, and Boombang is here to help.

Technology and Design


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