Immersive experiences as magical as we’ve always dreamed they might be.

Transporting Mind, Body & Spirit

Stress is a silent illness afflicting all of humanity. In America alone, we’re spending $2 trillion a year on “alternative methods” of stress reduction, from healthy choices like meditation and exercise to harmful choices like prescription drugs and alcohol. Recognizing this epidemic, Boombang convened award-winning producer, director  and cinematographer Louie Schwartzberg of Moving Art and Michael Tompkins, an Innovative Hospitality and Wellness CEO and consulting partner, along with its own team of innovators to come up with a solution. The group created Aura, a revolutionary product that offers a new way to deliver immersive augmented sensory experiences for the therapeutic, entertainment and educational marketplaces.

An Augmented Multi-Sensory Journey

Boombang played an instrumental role in conceiving of, developing and productizing the Aura immersion pod, which combines multi-sensory state-of-the-art technology with proprietary, expert-curated content. Through an open API model, users can completely customize their experience of Aura’s rich and vibrant visual, auditory and olfactory stimuli. The Aura series of products includes AuraSphere, a public multi-person experience; AuraPod, an on-premise single person experience; and AuraMat, an at-home single person experience.

A Love Letter to all Things Beautiful and Magical

Aura, launching soon, has the potential to dominate the $4 trillion market for mechanical therapeutic devices. The immersive pods are designed for use in hotels, spas, gyms, office buildings, airport lounges, hospitals, classrooms and homes. Noting that leading cognitive scientists have stated “the human brain has evolved to develop, learn and operate optimally in multi-sensory environments,” Aura offers a new way to transmit knowledge, enliven the human spirit, and provide radical entertainment experiences to people around the world.

Far and Away the Most Potent Way to Experience an Actual Paradigm Shift

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